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#146596 - I set there helplessly with one hand in my cunt and the other hanging onto his cock like a young child with one hand in a cookie jar and the other full of goodies, caught red handed left me frozen and I made no effort to move or release my grip! He said with a perverted smile you like it referring to my hold on his cock, he grabbed my arm and pulled me up forcefully into his arms turning me around at the same time causing me to let go of him! Then with his voice next to my ear said in the most perfect french, more as a lover “ Vous êtes la plus jolie femme et il serait mon plaisir de vous voir fanfaronner sexuelle dans le bonheur” ! You are a most lovely woman and it would be my pleasure to see you withering in sexual bliss! Fuck I thought to myself! As his big black hands easily started to explore, and had with little effort unbuttoned the few on my white blouse and was lovingly squeezing and twisting both of my bare bra less nipples, then whispering in my ear he continued to easi

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Great job and beautiful hands love u girl
Luna child
Te amo colombia