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#173282 - I am hoping to use the tablets soon again but first I have to see what she remembers when she wakes up from this little gangbang. I was a bit concerned with this and asked how does it work, he said you crush the tablet and just drop it in there drink and about 15min later they are out cold, and pretty much you do what you want to them and they can’t remember a thing. I was home for about an hour and asked Diane if she would like a drink, I gave her a Gin and tonic which is her favourite and crushed the tablet and mixed it in the drink, Diane drank all of it straight down, about 15 to 20mins later she was out cold in the lounge chair, so I shook her pretty hard to see if she would wake and she just slumped in the chair, I quickly got on the phone to Dwayne and gave him the address.

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