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#20147 - As I tossed him his cock gradually grew longer and longer, thicker and thicker, until his full 8 inches were available to me. As Carlo started to ejaculate I sucked even more determinedly on his cockshaft for a few moments, wishing to make sure I would get his full load, but I had nothing to fear on that issue as spurt and spurt of dog semen continued to squirt into my mouth for what seemed like minutes, the Rottweiller’s sex fluids eventually flooding my mouth so much that I reluctantly had to swallow his precious gift although I did manage to retain a good quantity in my mouth so that my tongue could continue to savour the delicious, bitter-sweet taste of dog cum. This made it much easier for me and definitely made it more effective for Carlo who almost immediately started to whine a little as he had done during our previous nights’ encounter.

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