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#288978 - They take her and let her play behinds the lights, in the private stage. Jazzie loves Boys on the Band by Sergio (LtnScorpio4x) JAZZIE likes Boys who play in the Band They take her places other boys can’t They rock her, move her, and shake her to the beats of their drums They stir her into frenzy, and when they sing, their words tremble her, and swoon her too, and they know what they do. Did you not feel my love? My desire was to make you mine How did we get torn apart? We said goodbye so soon Yes, although it was lovely, I no longer wait for you As I did once alone and a fool for wishing you Since now I see you just wanted rapid fun It hurried you away untrue.

Read Gay Dudes Ii Sensei mo Rakujanai?! Celeb Ii Sensei mo Rakujanai?!

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