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#266197 - Jerry hand her two clamps Now reach inside and place one camp on each side of her intestines and then make a cut behind eat clamp so none of the waist will fall into the meat, place the intestines on the table, it can be cleaned and used as sausage casing later he said as Jessica made the cuts and placed the severed intestinal tubes on the table, Now removed the liver and all other organs and place them on the table as well he added. hearing a screaming from behind her Jessica turns toward Jerry in time to watch him slip and fall to the blood covered floor SHIT!! he yelled as Jessica rushes over to help him up. Looking down at her blood covered body aren’t you glad I choose to stay nude all the time she said beginning her own laughing fit Im saving you a fortune in cleaning bill's she added continuing to laugh as she knelt down to head level with the now dieing girl, whispering into her ear as she dies Maybe I will rot in hell, but ill still be alive in five minute�

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