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#236552 - she didn't move, I did detect a slight flush in her cheeks so I decided to clear the first obstacle and added Now Slave ! she kept her head bowed, eventually she stood up and started to unbutton her dress, beginning to expose her cleavage, she hesitantly pushed the material from her shoulders and let it drop to the floor, she wore pale blue underwear with black grip-top stockings, the bra was lacy and not really supportive just feminine and pretty, the panties were high cut over her hips and stretched tight over her body the dark area of her bush highlighted by the pale material which disappearing down between the top of her thighs, a picture of loveliness. She walked over to the door opened it and told me to leave, I tried to look as nonchalant as I could, shrugged as I walked out and said I guess you lose out in two respects. she did, trying her hardest not to look at me or to look seductive, her breasts were firm, smaller than I imagined and had small nipples,

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Pov missionary would be perfect with plenty of boob grabbing would love to be the man recording these vids
Really need name wow