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#294527 - One guard holds each of the fighters, including Jessica, release her Jerry says pointing to Jessica as the guard releases her But sir, all fighters are to be slaughtered immediately, why should we let this one go? the guard said nodding toward Jessica. Ok finish spiting these new girls fresh from the cleaning line, then you can clock out for the day and go to your new room with Lina he said as he sat down to watch Jessica spit the remaining girls What new room? Jessica asked, looking toward her Check your cunt tag, we have assigned you an apartment type room on the other side of the compound for you to live in while your working for us, we are giving you the same room the last operator lived in, everything she owned is now yours, except her slave, of course, she was processed with the operator this morning. Jerry smiled and nodded his approval to her statement, as a fight broke out between two of the other three remaining meat-girls in the line waiting for a spit.

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