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#260755 - Johnson wants to tenderize you for 2 days leading up to when he will spit you on Christmas morning, you will roast all day to be ready for their dinner by 5pm her mother said looking over to her daughter. A she was instantly declared a run away and she knew what would happen to her if they ever found her, she could only travel at night since a naked girl with a tagged cunt has a low chance of survival she figured it was best to keep out of contact with all people not just the A. My mom didn't spit her she replied to his question, What’s that? he asked, Didn't spit her?, then what did you do to her? he added, My mom oven roasted her she said as he continued a silent inspection, What a waste of perfectly good spit roasting meat, Oven roasting is never as good as spit roasting cause you don't get the thrill of running the pole though the meat and seeing her eye's as it comes out of her mouth and she can see it for the first time, that’s what I’m planning

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Son goku
A girl like this one can never let go wife material
Too thin
Elphelt valentine
I love how it went from what actually happened to what he thought was gonna happen his fantasy and then back to reality