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#54061 - i sat there and watched him try n get it up at that age i figered it might work or might not u never no some pople r driffent in that stage of life and well it worked he got it up 2 a whole 3 inchs said dam boy u big for your age he said o hows that i said well i was bigger but not by much he said win i was a kid or now i said both i am 21 now he is 7 gona be 8 in jan. ok this is my frist story and its true trust me this is what i did not to long ago this mounth whit a friend of mine kids we look after on weekends plz be nice this my frist time doing this ok hope u like it and sry for my speeling i cant find spell chk it all started last saterday i think might of been friday all i no is it waz at about 10pm and this kid i no and i have new him 4 the past 3 or 4 yrs hes 1 of 3 kids my friends sis watches on most weekends. so as i sit here telling him what it is he ask am i gay ? i said i dont think i am y u ask he said cuz i never see u whit no one i say well its not easy to fin

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Mitsuru kirijo
Beautiful woman perfect curves and such a sexy outfit amazing you two are killing it as always