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#175254 - at first nothing happened! as several minutes that went by. He then took one of them out of the cage and, if he had not been wearing tight fitting leather gloves and holding him behind his little neck, he would have easily been bitten numerous times by the unhappy little rodents sharp teeth! This little varmint was brought up in front of her face and was first placed inches from her nose! And then was quickly moved down to where it was almost touching one of her nipples his mouth opened wide, and she at first thought he, the doctor, was going to let it bite her!!!. The good doctor was holding her cunt lips open as she was carefully slid down onto it! and then, told them to stop for a moment and lift her back up, as one of her cunt lips was starting to roll up inside with the dildo after which she was let down fully onto it, as she was still wearing her 4” bright red hi heel whore shoes, this was the only thing that was keeping her from being penetrated all the way!.

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Atsumi munakata
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Pure treasure
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Rico brzenska
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