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#276120 - “So this is how you get things going for yourself? You set up the situation, and when called away, you take your friends place for the finish?” Looking at her as she nodded, I ran my hand down to her womanhood, feeling it starting to come alive with the anticipation; the same touch Sigil gave me I teased her with…not the same level of skill or intensity, but with enough ability to get her going. Each movement of her tongue sent waves of fire upward, and channeled the building of all excitement downward, heading to a release that would rival the birth of a new star in the heavens!!! My hands clutched the sheets in a grip of solid iron. That tongue of hers moved in the pattern of the English alphabet, starting with the letter A, and with me losing track at somewhere about B, or the beginning of it.

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I was literally just playing this game what the fuck
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This is hot