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#168133 - then i was freaking outtta no where my aunt pushed her hand down on my hard on and felt it i was like dammm then she said ohh somebodys hard and i was like omg im sorry its cuase you smell good and i just cant help it at looking at your asss then she just left to her room i thought she was going to call my mom and then she comes out naked i was shocked her body loooks soo goood her nipples were nice and dark around them like a big circle and she had a like a little stip,of hair in her pussy the i got hard again and she said you like what you see i just stutterd out yes then she looked at my cock and said You really have grown then she pulled down my shorts and boxers off and she said Wow. For the people that belive me then fuck off lol. then i made a excuse and told my aunt i was going to go take a shower in her restroom inside her room but then she said ohh i was going to take a shower and saod use the other one i was like okay thenn i quicky ran to the restroom and closed the dooor

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