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#33448 - Petra applied more oil to Laura's vaginal lips, while saying, This will keep baby's lips from getting a rash, doesn't it feel good!?!? Laura was now moaning softly as Petra's finger penetrated her outer lips, and as Petra's large breasts were still hanging out of her dress, Laura guided a nipple into hot mouth!!! The combination of Petra's finger in her vagina, and her nipple in her mouth, made Laura have a very nice hard orgasm indeed, for she just loved the feeling of being babied by her plump mistress, and her orgasm was just an extension of that love. When they got there, both woman immediately started playing their well defined roles, that of mother and baby daughter. When Petra felt the damp warmth on her leg, she commented, Mmmm, baby needs to be changed! Removing her nipple from baby Laura's mouth, she then placed Laura back on the changing table and took off her wet diaper.

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