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#230964 - They both stepped out the shower and began to dry each other, I looked at her as Stacey caressed her breasts with the towel and thought to my self, this girl deserves something special. Soon I was slamming my cock so hard up her ass she was lunging forward, pushing the dildo further into her younger sister’s bowls. “Oh yes, cum in my mouth” she gagged as she franticly sucked my cock, so I gave the girl what she wanted and released glob after glob of my cum into her mouth as she franticly swallowed, then she broke away with a mouth full of my cum and turned to her sister, who was now also naked, pushed her lips to Stacey’s and began kissing again, swishing the cum between each others mouth with their tongues.

Read Tranny [Takeda Hiromitsu] Tsundero Ch. 1-4, 6, 9-10 [English] [Decensored] Men Tsundero Ch. 110

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