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#402778 - and her eyes widened in “Shock” followed by the word “No”! This escaped from her lips as his big black curved up cock easily found its way up,. She had nothing, no coat or purse only the short green skimpy dress that was well stretched and barely covering her! Joy had called our cab driver friend alright, but this call was just a signal for another of my kinky and devious plans that was about to take place! Deanna had numerous fantasies some cute some dark and several about rape! One of them was to be raped by experienced black men, ones that were really horny! Men that have never had sex with an attractive white woman, they were the kind of men that had been disadvantaged and treated poorly by the mostly white establishment! The kind of men that would love to take out their anger frustration and extreme feelings of racial injustice by brutally raping a young shapely white woman like Deanna? Especially a woman like her that now found herself half naked wearing only this short g

Read Culazo Kazami Yuuka ni Shiboraretai! | 想被風見幽香榨! - Touhou project Footfetish Kazami Yuuka ni Shiboraretai! | 想被風見幽香榨!

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