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Gay Cumshots System Desukara Idol Time #4 - Pripara Jizz

(C94) [ふらいぱん大魔王 (提灯暗光)] システムですからアイドルタイム#4 (プリパラ)


Parodies: Pripara (52)
Languages: Japanese
Categories: Doujinshi
20 pages - Uploaded
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#242588 - Ranma being the faster one picked up Akane and ran for the school gates and passed them just as the last bell chimed and the gates were locked, on the outside of the school gates stood 5 girls who were then taken, stripped, and stamped with Today's Lunch Meat on their rumps, some of Akane's friends were among those stamped. You can roast me father was Kasumi's reply stunning her father, That nice of you Kasumi, but if we roasted you who would prepare you?, you can't cook yourself he said with more tears, I guess your right father Kasumi said and went back to her preparation of Nabiki's rump roast for dinner, Let me know when you have spitted Akane and ill be right out there to get her on to cook Kasumi said humming to herself, Ill let you know when we decide to do it, the time is not right just yet Soun said as he walked out of the kitchen. Ranma walking behind Akane now headed home, Look Akane, it's no different then when our father’s

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