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#323039 - After about 20 minutes Molly's pussy orgasmed one final time and then her eye's went dark and she died when Stacey saw that Molly was gone and only meat was left in her place she threw more coal into the pit and moved her spit closer to the flames to cook the meat for the next hour at a higher temperature to get the spit out of her as soon as possible and get me on it as fast as possible, while Molly was finishing her ride on the spit I was over by the picnic table bent over it hands tied behind my back rope tied around my neck while Jason was fucking me from behind another man took the rope that was around my neck and pulled it tight causing me to gasp for air and tied it around the tree that was only a few feet away this was giving me the same feeling that I was dangling from the rope high in the air while at the same time being fucked by Jason it was a massive orgasmic feeling causing me to pass out just as I felt Jason cum inside my pussy. Memorial Roast An a

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