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#109805 - She went out and I stay inside, I look through the window, and she was lying down on the towel facing down, her butt a was sticking up those but chicks beautiful an firm she had undo the top strap of her bikini, my imagination when to far I saw my self in between those butt chicks licking her asshole and cunt, I couldn’t resist and went out and sat right next to her, and I ask her are you ok and she said oooh yeah, I was thinking about you dick and start laughing, she ask me if I could put some sun lotion on her body, I say yes, my back first, I was rubbing on her back her top straps were undo, she was facing down, and them she say on my legs on my butt please, ok I put lotion on cuffs and thighs and them her butt chick intentionally extra lotion between her butt chicks and the lotion went between her ass an the tinny back part of her bikini, I squeeze her butt chick when I was applying the lotion a felt really good, the extra lotion, between her chicks ,she told me to take that off, I

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She sure enjoyed it
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Very very nice
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You are just a magician