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#103830 - He looked himself over, making sure he showed no obvious signs of having spent upwards of an hour sitting on a necrotic, honey-squirting dildo, and from there he jogged home. Eventually, a cut manifested at the most prominent area of the lump; bleeding in profusion, coming further agape; and finally, the thing poked out, subjecting itself to immediate identification--a carbon copy of the grave protrusion! The pain did not cease--like a perpetual stomach cramp of the worst kind, exacerbated by a singular feeling of coldness all over. Anon, it pulsated and spewed a smattering of the honey-like substance onto his pretty face.

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Marilyn sue
This is the most creative well acted hot wierd original content ive ever seen
Kazuki kurebayashi
Christ you are a divine creature
Good luck