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#44122 - I keep an eye on Amelia as she itches and scratches then itches deeper until she is damn near clawing up her cozy sleeping onesy, I know what you need little one, I promise I'll give you the choice to just simply go to sleep, granted you might be deep in a place you have never known existed and not be ready for a game of wits and simply say no, so ya there's that but she has the option. I gasp in horror as my bowels are ripped open, he bottoms out in my lower intestine for Christs sake, he gives no inch of mercy as he plows into unknown territory and discovers how his daughters colon is doing, I cry profusely as the burning pain in me makes me scream for him to pump his pathetic cock like he really means it, then slip out of her completely and watch a father break in his preteen child like a sex horse, she stops crying and urges him harder on. I leave his dead daughter in her mess and walk into Lilly's room flipping the light on and admiring her pose, easing out of hi

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