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#375219 - So now Moms legs spread out and raised up exposed clitoris and open lips I started rubbing on her pussy lips and sliding my finger across her wet hole back to her clit thinking she didn’t say do this, but she never said stop either, and as I experimented with her wet pussy I found she liked it and was responding , first I noticed her breathing got heavy and fast then her legs started quivering slightly and her hips were just sliding a little back and forth as I pressed into her clit and my knuckles were going into her opening just enough where I wanted to shove my fingers in her, But I was scared that she didn’t want me to do that, as I looked up at her to judge how she looked I stuck my finger into her and as I did she raised her head back with a gasp and seemed to like it so I kept slowly shoving my finger in her and it was so warm and wet and slippery inside would she stop me?, so far she just moaned out and moved her hips a little, now she seemed to Like this a lot and I slid back

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