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#276296 - His knot getting to the size of a baseball if not a little bigger! “Oh my god he’s stuck inside me! He can’t pull out what is happening!” Abbie’s pussy starts to milk on his huge k9 cock betraying her even more as she starts to get the harder orgasm ever! She feels his cock slide deeper just a little more as he is 11 inches pushing about four of those inches past her cervix! Joey notices his tail start to move up and down a little as his thrust seemed to stop! Abbie felt the pulsating inside her as she had an idea of what was about to come. Her hips were pushed a little harder forcing her to arch her ass up a little allowing him to have even more access! Making the bulge even bigger. Joey takes his hand off as he sees spikes knot get pushed inside her and then suddenly he stopped thrusting! Abbies face went into shock again as she realized he couldn’t pull out! “What is he doing inside me!? Is he pushing a egg in me?” Spikes knot started to swell up slowly as his thrust starte

Read Gay Smoking Kusabi, Aruiha Kaihou no Tobira - Original Leite Kusabi, Aruiha Kaihou no Tobira

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Allison whittington
The black penis looks disgusting
Shiho huit
This was some cryptic dialogue