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#2529 - After a wash off, we told the guys to pop round Sunday afternoon if they had any cum left, and we weould make sure they left with empty balls again. I moved around, holding Stef's arm up, my butt went right down onto it first go, more dog cum run out lubing her arm, my cock probing her mouth, as she worked my bowels with her fingers,, it didnt take much a few strokes of my cock and I shot reams of human cum over her face, mixing it with dog cum, Stef licked her lips, as other cocks also began to shot hot cum onto her face, we both took what we could, licking one another clean. The night carried on, each dog fucked us all, as more guys turned up, another new dog, a smaller mixed breed, also joined in fucking us, I think apart from Stu, we all took each dog once, and most every guy had fucked us, so with lots of cum covered bodies, we took the guys out back for one last piss session, most now happy to fuck us and fill our holes with piss, I took around 5 guys hot piss in my

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