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#168132 - Frank was finished for the night now and wanted to leave so he dressed and a taxi took him away, “well I guess its bed time” said Amanda and she and Tim went into the main room and Susan and I took the spare room again where we were naughty twice and listened to the main bed creaking sometimes quietly and sometimes noisily till we drifted into sleep. I started to scan through her current and saved emails then her sent emails where I found most of the information that I needed, there were a lot of emails between her Jerry, Jenny and a few recent ones to Jerry’s brother Tim, What Amanda had told me about the start of the affair with Jerry was correct but as I expected it had not been a spur of the moment thing as suggestive flirting had been going on for a few weeks before, then after it began some very graphic stuff had been exchanged but again it seemed that all their meetings had occurred at our home whilst I had been there, The emails to Jenny had mostly regarded the party arrangem

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