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#300643 - We arrived at our destination a short time latter, it was a climbing wall, I instantly started to protest “I cant do this you know I’m scared of heights!” “I know” she replied tartly “but it is time for you to get over it and out of your comfort zone, besides this place wouldn’t be open if it was dangerous. It all started on a cold mid winter morning, my best friend cat dragged me out of my warm house and told me we had to do something out of our comfort zones, I had no idea what but cat had a plain and I trusted her, so we piled in her car and went. The day after Jason left after a hard day I returned home, as with my normal routine, I switched on my TV, and started looking through my pantry to decide on what to cook, that was when the phone rang, I answered it and was greeted by marks voice, mark was one of the instructors at the climbing wall and knew Jason and I were now an item, he asked me to sit down so I did, he then said there had been an accident on mount cook, I went h

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