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#259310 - Shall we give it to her now, Audra Walker asked her husband, Payton, I don't think I can wait another minute!?! Her husband chuckled a bit, before commenting, You'd think that it was you getting the present and not her, but now is as good a time as any, I guess, so why not, let's do it!!! Audra literally jumped up from the dining room table and disappeared into the large walk in closet in the foyer and retrieved a shoe box size package that was covered in silver lame' wrapping paper!!! After returning to her chair, she and her husband waited quietly for Marie to return from the kitchen with their after dinner coffee!!! I hope she likes it, Audra whispered loudly, I took great care in picking it out for her, okay, shush now, her she comes!!! Payton Walker looked over to his excited wife and shook his head and smiled, she really loved having Marie around, and she was almost desperate to make sure she remained happy!!! Marie carefully poured coffee into both

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