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#26518 - As I take the mic I welcome everyone and I ask that they look over the list that they were given as I tell them that these girls have been trained and are no longer virgins. I say goodbye to Cindi and she gives me a copy of my schedule and I am booked all this week so I tell her that I will see her tomorrow. I chain her to the cross and I feel her and she is wet but not soaking I take the flogger and I run up and down her back her legs and her thighs I feel her again and she is dry ok so I begin by giving her a slap on her ass hard with my open hand and I pull her head back and ask her how hard do you want it and she says hard.

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He s cute
Kosuzu motoori
Discovered you from a tara babcock hentai she called you a hot asian with a rocking bod she was 100 right