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#98123 - I was euphoric when I now felt her own cock begin pulsing within me, and I returned my hands to her breasts and pulled on her nipples and kissed her hair and head until she reared up and began hard, relentless and powerfully deep slams into me, and I squeaked and groaned as she began pumping her own love juice inside me, and I was filled to overflowing with both it and with feelings which burst in me, and I knew we had reached the Clouds, and the Rain was falling for us. The cute little bargirl came with our drinks and she said to me “Oh Anh, you seem lucky tonight!” But I shook my head sadly “No, I’m not em; I was invited to dinner – but there is no food!” Tin laughed and Nin whacked my arm yet again, and asked for a menu. Poked through the hole it must have been 20cms, and growing, good heavens and thickening before my eyes as I put the lid down and sat, reaching my hand to grasp this gift.

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