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#63429 - Ending the call Laura couldn’t take any more, if she had left it much longer she could, no would have screamed out how good it felt and dropped to her knee’s, Laura shook her head and panted for breath, she saw the women had moved on and blushed a little, but with that blush she also felt more turned on then she had in years, the idea of what she had done sank in and she grinned. The mobile wasn’t comfy where it was positioned so Laura reached inside her panties and moved it around until she got it right, resting on her slightly wet pussy lips and clit, she smiled and bent over to pull her trousers back up before she looked herself over seeing if there was any bulge, she couldn’t see one and with a big grin she opened the cubical door and left going back to her friend Tally. “I will never doubt you again Tally” Laura laughed, Tally smiled and giggled “This is my mobile number” Tally handed over a small piece of paper with a phone number on it “What's this for?” Laura

Read Foursome Hamigaki Suru Tabi Kisushitai!! - Machine robo rescue Tit Hamigaki Suru Tabi Kisushitai!!

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Sexy af