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#371930 - He called her a baby-maker and struck her several blows in the belly to teach her, said he, to lay eggs with her lover, then he kissed the Duc, caressed him, gave his prick a few affectionate tugs, and managed so successfully to fire that hero's brain that Blangis swore the afternoon would not pass without his moistening Zéphyr with fuck; and the little rascal nagged the Duc, daring him to do it at once. But I trust you were also purged of a little fuck? Enough of that nonsense, the Président said, do you suppose everyone is like you, flinging fuck this way and that every six minutes? Why no, I leave those efforts and that unconscionable prodigality to you and to vigorous champions like Durcet, he went on, watching the financier stagger weakily from his closet. And then I am sent into the fray, for my co-worker has not an ounce of strength left, indeed she has lost consciousness.

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