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#417034 - How are you feeling this morning, dear, Valerie asked her eighteen year old daughter, Jill as she sat down to eat her breakfast!?! Uh, pretty good I suppose, Jill replied after taking a sip of freshly squeezed orange juice, why do you ask!?! Now let's not get into that again, her mother said in a exasperated tone of voice, you know what the doctor said, at least two hard orgasms a day!!! Oh, mom, I know what he said, but I'm already late for school, she whined!!! Now you listen to me young lady, you're not leaving this house until you've had a good hard climax, do I make myself clear!?! Yes, mom, Jill replied sullenly, what ever you say!!! Well, that's better, her mother replied, do you want to do it yourself or do you need some help!?! After thinking about it for a few seconds Jill replied softly, I think you'd better help me, mom, I think it might go faster!!! Valerie led Jill by the arm into the den where she nodded to the chair

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