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#384626 - Dad told me to go downstairs and wait for him to shout me, so i did as i was told and waited downstairs. I sat with my head down in shame, looking up sorryful i noticed my dad had brought in with him several bags, i was now very confused and curious at the same time he said he would be back down in a minute and went upstairs to his room, a couple minutes passed and i heard dad shout me to come upstairs, i walked nervously up the stairs and to my dads room only to find he wasnt there in here i heard from my room, well my room to be, at the moment it was just a bed and my plain white draws and cupboard.

Read German 真夏の契り~戯れに汚された水着の下の清楚肌 - Original Transgender 真夏の契り~戯れに汚された水着の下の清楚肌

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