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#259596 - ” Amanda interrupted Zee “Are trying to tell me that you think that we are mistakes?” Zee looked hurt, even though I didn’t say a thing but I knew exactly what she meant “Zee you don’t have to answer that, I get what you mean cause it has crossed my mind a number of times, Since my life won’t change any time soon I guess I can only say that I’m pretty happy with the way things are right now. I raised my hand as if to slap her but I thought otherwise and I just walked out of the kitchen and went straight to my room and started crying because I felt so angry. We are not a rich family be we are well off since my mother inherited a large sum of money when my grandparents died in plane crash 2 years ago, before then things were a little tough since our father left.

Read Male Ruuko-san to Shashinshuu - Original Teentube Ruuko-san to Shashinshuu

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Azusa nakano
She is so cute