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#258640 - as i was trying to see if my eyes were playing tricks on me. then he stopped and said i am going to fuck you now and in a split second i felt myself get dry no wetness at all then he started to slowly put his dickin my and i tried to sqirm away but he had a good grip in one hand and he gun in the other. that was when i saw his huge dick it was like 2inches thick and 8 inches long then he told me i was not going to enjoy this at all then instead of fucking me he starts to finger my pussy and tells me that i am verry wet and i refused to beleave him but he didn't care it just made raping me more pleasurable for him then he goes down and starts sucking on my pussy and then i relised that i was moaning and i just wanted to kill my salf i mean realy i am being raped and i am maning i tried to hold it in but i couldn't it just felt so good.

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Yuuma kuga
Love you harness which one do you use
Fuko ibuki
Just good position for a double vaginal