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#184768 - Go get comfortable in the living room while we finish getting ready and I'll introduce you to our toys for the night! Anxious and slightly nervous I stretched out on the couch, Elizabeth was the jealous type so having any other woman naked in front of me is a risk but she gathered more than one girl to entertain me. A little before our third year she got what she wanted, big fake boobs, 34c's that still didn't touch without a bra and still perky as before but now stretched her skin tight keeping her little nipples firm and attempting to show through any covering. While I was at work one day she text me, since you haven't told me what you wanted as your fantasy I've cum up with my own, and if it isn't good enough then we'll just keep trying until a ring finds my finger;-)! I came home that evening and Elizabeth cheerfully trotted over to me and threw her arm around my neck and kissed me in a tipsy fashion.

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