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#80017 - You're so tense, Trent observed, maybe if we got under a blanket it would make you feel better! Not waiting for and answer, Trent summoned a flight attendant and requested a blanket, thirty seconds later Trent was covering each of them up with a warm comforter. Usually in cases like this, Trent's usual experience would have been that this lovely creature would turn out to be an ice queen, but to his happy dismay, she stuck out her hand and said, I'm Sonja, Sonja Fletcher! He took her hand, and replied, Trent Boyd's the name, glad to meet you, New Orleans or Memphis!?! Memphis, she answered, born and raised there, going home to visit the folks. That's nice, he replied, I'm going on to New Orleans myself, a long weekend getaway! Just then the no smoking and seat belt lights came on, and a flight attendant announced that they would be taking off in about two minutes.

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