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#1765 - Shaking her head yes, Sandra slowly removed her coat and revealed a truly massive chest on such a slim body! Tom knew he was staring but couldn't help himself, because just watching Sandra breath was a treat in itself! Sandra then said, I had a baby about six weeks ago, and I've always been large busted, but since I got pregnant they have just grown and grown, so now I have to wear a 40DD bra! I nurse my baby at least six times a day, but I produce way more milk than she can drink, so I use a breast pump at least twice a day to relieve the pressure, but unfortunately my pump broke down and I was going to pick up another one at my doctor's office, but now we're stuck in here and my breasts are really sore do to the extra milk buildup. After shaking off as much water as he could, Tom looked to find the correct bank of elevators that would take him to Dr. The elevator was not moving and they were standing in pitch darkness.

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