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#316469 - When we showered together Terry kissed and kissed me, we felt each other's cocks, Terry washed my cunt, he help me doosh my fuck hole clean, after we dried ourselves I showed Terry my selection of lingerie, he chose red stockings, a black suspender belt, red satin bra and knickers with black edge lacing, a slutty choice. Ted didn't speak only breathed heavily, while kissing me he was fondling my bra, that simulated my breast with some bird seed. Ted asked if would remove my bra so he could suck on my nipples, Ted slid off me and I sat up for Ted to undo the clips on my bra he helped me to take it off, as I laid back on the bed Ted once more positioned himself on top of me, kissing me also French kissing me before turning his attention to my nipples, which he sucked like a vacuum cleaner.

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