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#301870 - As one of a handful of under ground agents working for the allies in Austria, Ilsa was a prize catch that the Gestapo hoped they could squeeze for valuable information on the extent of the under ground activities in Austria as well as Germany. To her surprise, however, instead of inflicting great bodily harm to her, the young guard sat down on a stool between her legs and lathered her entire pubic area with soap, and after only a few seconds later, he produced a long straight razor and began meticulously saving her pubes. Looks could be deceiving, because Marie Krupp was a very beautiful woman, but the stories told about her, promised that this was going to be far from a enjoyable meeting! Fraulein Hoffmeyer, Marie said smoothly, why don't you save yourself a lot of discomfort by telling? us all we want to know about your subversive activities in our country!!! Never, spat back Ilsa, I'll never tell you a thing, you bitch!!! Out of nowhere, Marie Krupp caught Ilsa a

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