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#265625 - Then, WHACK! A cane landed right across Mum's bare exposed arse! She squealed in shock and pain! The rods weren't very hard, really, but the girls put full blooded strength into their punishment of her and it must have hurt quite a lot, despite that the marks they left were hairline thin. They whispered something, then the girl came and squatted in front of my Mum, pulling her bumcheeks apart. The shortest girl shouted, Bobby! As I turned round she went, The lads are asking your mum something! The second girl worsened it by adding in her common tarty accent, Something DIRTY! The tall older girl of maybe 21, capped the taunt by pointing at me and shouting, YOUR MUM! YOUR MUUUM, YYYOURR MMUUUUUMMMM! To the tune of Cuck-oo! Cuck-oo! I came running back all flustered and found Mum sitting, smiling, on a log among the five lads.

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Female protagonist
Muestra tu cara as de estar muy hermosa
Looks like she is doing a bad thumbnail face