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#381691 - Thanks for the votes and comments guys, for those that think the voting was rigged as a mod to check IP’s, it wasn’t me! Here is part two, hope you like it. She came in to the lounge and saw me on the couch, she just stood there with her mouth open, and you could almost see her mind ticking over, wondering what to do! She looked at my cock, then at the porno, then back to my cock, she came round the couch and kneeled on the floor by my side, she reached out and took hold of my cock, her hand was cool, as she touched me my cock twitched and she smiled, she started sliding her hand up and down my cock, slowly pumping it with her cool hand, I moaned quietly and she seemed encouraged by this, she leaned forward and licked the tip of my cock, my cock twitched again and she slowly took it into her mouth, I let out a long moan. I said you can do it anytime you like, that was fantastic, can I, she said, yes I said, anytime you like and she smiled.

Read No Condom [Shungiku Tenudon] - ル・マランたまらんっ! (Azur Lane) [Decensored] + [Textless] - Azur lane Czech - ル・マランたまらんっ!+

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