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#217179 - You fit the cups over my breasts and hooked my bra, you put my panties back on then pulled up my slacks and left. You talked to me, telling me you loved me, that I was the most fantastic lover ever and you caressed my body, along my sides, over my tummy and my breasts, you fondled my breasts while you let your cock, your hands and your voice make sweet slow love to me. She was short, only four eleven with boyishly slim hips and a small compact behind but her breasts, oh God her breasts, she was at least a 38D and her cups runneth over.

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Yuu inagawa
I lost interest the minute she took the santa hat off how the fuck am i suppose to know it is christmas without the fucking hat on leaving a thumbdown for this hentai
Mihoshi kuramitsu
Thank you