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#283100 - After Mae sat back, patting her full stomach, we remained there at the table silent for perhaps 5 or more minutes, each in our various thoughts. It was almost complete, but I wanted to prolong it while possible, so I withdrew my prick from her pussy, slurped it through all the wetness in the area from her groin and gently prodded at her anus; she raised her hips slightly, encouraging me, so my well-juiced cockhead entered her rosebud easily. Quite a sight, and supple as she moved towards me and, with a backward glance at Mae for a smile of approval, she raised her tiny hands to my face and brought my head down a few inches to where she could pull my mouth to hers, perhaps attempting to outdo her sister in raising my temperature, and my cock.

Read Short Hair Tadashii Majutsu no Asobikata - Original Gozando Tadashii Majutsu no Asobikata

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