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#397348 - After some time Annie came down saying Sasha wouldn’t open the door, so l asked if l could speak to her, it took a while but Sasha let me into her room and l began explaining that her mother Annie isn’t just a mother she is a woman who has needs and what Sasha saw was just 2 people that drunk too much which seemed to make her think and Sasha began to smile, we lay on the bed kissing, next her nightie was up and my cock was in her warm tight pussy l was fucking Sasha hard and fast because l knew l couldn’t be too long then before shooting my sticky load l uttered ‘l’m going to cum in you’ and kissed her as my hot spunk flowed from the end of my cock into Sasha’s inside, after filling her l slid my shaft from her pussy and told her ‘l spunked inside her to show l loved her’, next l talked Sasha into coming downstairs to apologise to her mother then l went home. It was fairly late so l just dropped Sasha off and we arranged to go for a burger the next evening, but l was looking to going

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