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#334074 - This continued for about 5 minutes, occasionally Buster adjusted himself and his poor doggy cock stabbed against the gusset of my panties, in fact had I not been wearing them he would have nailed me on that first night but it was time, even though I was tempted to reach back and expose myself for him I wanted it to seem like I was reluctant although by now I was anything but. After Buster had 'dismounted' from me, Dan poured me a glass of wine and we sat and talked about what had just happened. Kneeling beside Buster with my legs wide open to allow him to continue to bathe my pussy with his lovely tongue I was easily able to apply the condom, infact it was a joy to actually handle the cock of my soon to be 'Mate' It felt fabulous, hot and smooth as I squeezed the air from the teat of the condom I felt the need to do more than just hold this bright red doggy cock.

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